building and interior design

Visualisation image
This is simply the process of enabling you to see what your ideas will look like when your alterations are complete. This technique or process can be applied to any type of project , be it large or small and quite simply provides you with an " artists impression " of what the  finished work will look like . If you have trouble imagining what the work will look like , being able to see a pictorial preview will allow you to decide whether you are happy with the appearance or not .
It is better to discover something unappealing in a visual representation than when your project is completed , and you then haveto live with the bricks and mortar of reality , or pay for expensive modifications .
So , having the opportunity to see what your alteration ideas will look like before you actually start the work can have many advantages . Not the least of which is the avoidance of serious disappointment.
Also on the following pages of examples , are typical proposals as a plan , of how they will fit in , compared to the existing layout of the part of your property to be modified.
Measured surveys can be carried out if required , and scaled plans drawn.

This technique can also be applied to the interior design of your project.
If you scroll through the gallery on the following pages , you can see some of the examples of before and after projects .